Last week a workshop on how to make paper opened up a whole new universe. Like most crafts, so simple, yet so sophisticated.


Making plants from paper (see Wild Things) made me curious about the material. Something struck me in the fact that I was using their chopped down brothers - trees - to make these floral objects. Could there be a different way?


One of the first eye openers was that originally, paper was not made from trees. It was made from plants. Like with most crafts, the big industry took over. What I did not know is that in order to make paper from trees, a chemical process is always needed to treat the fibers. With plants, this is not necessary.


We humans can learn from the fibers. Turning into something nice simply by opening up and connecting.


Fibers used: cotton, hemp, flax, jute, nettle and jeans. To be continued.


Many thanks to Marieke de Hoop from Papiermakerij de Hoop





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